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Friday, March 16, 2012

When Being a Pharma Rep was the Best Gig There Was...

Remember when being a Pharma Rep was the best gig there was? When your biggest concern was whether the annual sales meeting's free day at the Spa for massages was on the company or on you and when Runzheimer was the worst thing thst ever happened to you? Remember trying to explain to your manager that "your" doctor absolutely had to be able to hold his Study Club meeting (sponsored by you of course) at the Ritz-Carlton because if it was at Maggiano's no one was coming? Remember when you discovered that Bebe made "suting" that was perfect for you and allowed you to display yur best assets beghind your table top display? Remember bitching about organizing your trunk on a Sunday night because your manager was anal and would peek in it on a co-travel? Remember when the toll booth guy yelled out "hey haven't seen you in a while" as your manager was sitting shotgun? Remember complaining that you'd been to Arizona too many times that year? Remember your outrage when your biggest comnpetitor hired a rep in your territory who was younger and had major augmentation???

Well for those days when you remember being a rep fondly and wish you were still a Dental Girl, check out our tees, make up bags and tote bags (no samples included lol) at my website www.dgdentalgirl.com or my FB fan page for DentalGirl.

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