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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do Crystals and Charged Stones Really Rev up our X-Factor?

Spring is here and like all good Dental Girls, it's time to revamp our lives! Our exercise routines, our hair color, our reality tv line up as well as our personal commitments just don't seem good enough during the new Equinox.  During this time of Lent (it is Lent, isn't it?) what could be better than to spruce up our psyches, and increase our shot at personal happiness and success than...crystals and super-charged stones?

If you ever searched for a deeper spiritual meaning in the world, then you know where I've been lately. It seemed as though I was constantly grasping for some kind of cosmic meaning (and no, not just that I'm pretty much convinced that I was Anne Boleyn in a past life) and having read a lot of celebrity biographies over the years(my favorites were Tatum O'Neal, Tori Spelling, and Melissa Gilbert) I felt that an epiphany was coming just as it had for those girls!  But from whence would my epiphany come and how could I, a girl without a religion who felt sarcastic at the mere mention of church, find deeper meaning in my life?

I've stumbled across a few spiritual guides in the last few months, as I've been researching concepts that I knew that I truly believed in, such as past lives, Soul Mates, good/bad karma and something called the Twin Flame or the literal "other half of your soul."  The Twin Flame is like the yin to your yang, the lid to your pot, tiara to your sash, so to speak. The old joke that I "must've killed someone in my past life" seems particularly true to ME of late. Had I unwittingly walked under a ladder, crossed a black cat or cursed the waning (or waxing) moon? I didn't know, but I was pretty sure that there was more going on than meets the naked eye as I found my path crossing with some spiritual guides that I wanted to share with you, and their beliefs and concepts may at best challenge your perceptions or at worst, create good cocktail party fodder.

The first "coincidence" I had was meeting Mother Dove, a spiritual guide, tarot reader and positive force in guiding you towards finding your life's or soul's "calling" (it seems that mine is not shopping for shoes at Bloomingdale's after all).  Mother Dove has a website www.motherdove.com, where she offers her services and products and I highly recommend a consultation with her.  I find her to be very insightful in understanding the deeper meaning of life's "coincidences" and she's very talented in numerology and tarot. Hopefully, Mother Dove will guest blog on some of her passions in regards to reshaping your life with positive energy, crystals and self-evaluation. 

As I was investigating a topic which many who know me know that I'm passionate about--Past Lives--I discovered that maybe I wasn't actually Anne Boleyn after all (who wouldn't want to be after seeing Jonathon Rhys-Meyers as Henry the 8th on "The Tudors") but maybe, just maybe, there is such a thing as a Soul Connection, a Soulmate or a Twin Flame....kismet, so to speak. And as I read more about it, everything from seeing "11" is a sign (my God, my very address is 11!) to why some authors feel that Mary Magdalene was a Twin Flame, it made me suddenly realize that hey, everyone was into this Twin Flame thing and I knew nothing about it! Where have I been? Spray-tanning and working out? So I decided to be more acutely aware of energies and signs around me...maybe my Twin Flame was attempting to find me and couldn't reach me due to my internal chatter.  I need to be more balanced.  So I need a few charged stones and some crystals to focus my energies, perhaps...?  If they do work, my nirvana is just around the corner and if not, it's kinda like jewelry for my life, mais non?  That can't be so bad.  As I nibbled on gummy vitamins to improve my mental clarity, I was pointed serendipitously to a website for stones and crystals charged with positive energy (to dispel all my past life bad energy) called http://energyhealingnow.weebly.com. You can order a medium stone, large stone or entire set of stones infused with good intentions and positive energy and I hear from a reliable source that they are very effective at banishing bad energy and bringing good into your life.  You send them your birth date and your issues and wait for the FedEx guy to deliver it, ready to rebalance your life. And really, is this any different than any other kind of religion? I wondered, clutching my Holy Water.

So Spring is here and this Dental Girl is embarking on finding my inner peace, my life's meaning and hopefully seeing 11's everywhere (if that doesn't make sense, google Twin Flames and voila!)  To those of you who feel that life is a series of coincidences without any cosmic meaning, I say check out these websites and be open to questioning what you think you believe or at the very least, enjoy some retail therapy.

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